Hospitality Outline

Protech Systems developed a self-payment kiosk with a modular design that enables customers to choose their own modules for their industry. The main concept for the self-payment kiosk is a sturdy computing terminal supported by a strong base and a slim shape body. This allows the kiosk to be separated into a smaller unit if certain functions are not required, such as the bill and coin module, and enables installation into areas with limited space. In order to match different market demands, all the modules are optional to create a versatile solution.

The Superiority

  • Multi-language capability
  • 24/7 non-stop for selling
  • Improve the speed of service
  • Delivers operational efficiency
  • Enhances the branding experience
  • Extendable to intelligent functions of different fields

Our Spotlight

  • Embedded with Passport Reader
  • Embedded with barcode scanner
  • 3.13" thermal printer
  • Able to issue room card automatically
  • Payment solution for check out service

Wall / Rack Mount Systems


Mobile POS

Kitchen Display System

Industrial Monitor

Remote I/O Module

Edge Controller

EtherCAT Slave I/O Module

Rugged Tablet

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